Reports abstracts

Requirements for abstracts
ITMM proceedings ukrainian

Languages of conference are Ukrainian, English.

The text of the abstract should contain the necessary structural elements: the title of the report, the authors' names, scientific degree, academic rank, place of work, country, abstract, keywords, introduction, basic material, conclusions, references and references.

Individual works of students are supplemented by a scanned copy of the recommendation-review from scientific supervisor (with his signature certified by educational establishment). It is necessary to specify the contacts of supervisor: phone and e-mail (without these data students works will not be considered).

One or three full pages of A4 text typed in Microsoft Word (* .doc) (* .docx files are not accepted) are accepted for printing.

Fields: 25 mm on all sides.

Main text: Times New Roman font, 12 pins, single line spacing, paragraph 10 mm.

Title of the report: center alignment, Times New Roman font, 12 bowls, bold.

Author's surnames: center alignment, Times New Roman font, 12 fonts, italic, indicate degree and author's name, indicate authors' place of work below, country.

Abstract in English of 100 – 150 words.

Keywords: 5 – 10 items.

Figure, picture title: placed in the center without indentation.

Table Name: Located on the right edge.

Subheadings are not allowed.

Formulas should be typed using MathType and numbered in round brackets, e.g. (2).

References should be made according to the requirements, typed in 12 Times New Roman font with single spacing. Reference within a text is presented in square brackets, e.g. [12].

Reference contains a translation of the "References" in English.

For DOI assignment, you must additionally specify in English: the title of the report, surname, first name, patronymic of authors, place of work of authors, keywords, abstract, references.

Abstracts with large number of mistakes that do not meet the above requirements, are not included and are not returned. Abstract authors are responsible for correctness of facts, quotations, names and other information.