Manuscript formatting


  1. The manuscript of the article in Ukrainian or Russian or English (6-12 pages), set out in accordance with the requirements of the Decree of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 7-05 / 1 of January 15, 2003.
  2. Extended annotation in English in case of publication of an article in Ukrainian or Russian. The volume of the extended annotation is not less than 1800 characters. Abstract structure: UDC, surnames of authors, article title, analysis of recent studies and publications, purpose of research, presentation of the main research material, conclusions.
  3. Information about the authors of Ukrainian, Russian and English. They should be presented on a separate page at the end of the article and contain the surname, first name, middle name in full, position and organization representing the author.
  4. Abstract of Ukrainian, Russian and English. Provided in 3 languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English) and placed on a separate page at the end of the article. UDC is indicated in the abstract, in the next line authors and article title. From the next line, a summary of the article is set out in a volume of up to 100 words. A new line indicates the number of literary sources and illustrations.
    An example of an abstract.
    UDC 624.04
    Zelentsov D.G. New models for solving problems of weight optimization of corroding blasting core elements
    Various mathematical models are considered for solving the problems of weight optimization of beam structures subject to corrosion. A new mathematical model of the problem of optimizing corroding beams is proposed. It involves solving the problem without taking into account the aggressive environment for the generalized objective function, including the perimeter of the cross section, followed by an increase in the optimal parameters by a value that compensates for corrosion. The possibility of using this model for a beam with an arbitrary section shape is shown.
    Bible 7, ill. 7, tab. one.
  5. Review by a leading specialist regarding the scientific level of the article.

RULES FOR PUBLISHING ARTICLES in the journal System Technologies
File options:
The manuscript should be prepared using Microsoft Word-2003/2007; page format - A4, page orientation - "portrait"; borders: left - 2.5 cm; rights - 2.5 cm; top - 2.5 cm; lower - 2.5 cm; line spacing - 1.2; the interval between the paragraphs "before", "after" - 0 pt.; retreats "left", "right" - 0 pt.; the first line indent is 1.5 cm.
Mandatory elements of the article:

  • UDC index in the upper left corner of the page (PT Serif, 13 pt.)
  • the initials and surname of the author (s) in the language of the article (PT Serif, 13 pt., Alignment - to the right);
  • the title of the article in capital letters, centered (PT Serif, 13 pt., Bold)
  • empty line (PT Serif, 13 pt.)
  • an abstract in the language of the article of at least 150-250 characters (OfficinaSans CTT, 12 pt., Italics), which - should include: relevance of the research topic, problem statement, research goals and methods, results and key findings;
  • a list of keywords that begins with the words: “Keywords:” 8 10 words (or “Keywords:”) (PT Serif, 12 pt., Italic)
  • empty line (PT Serif, 13 pt.)

The main text of the article (PT Serif, 13 pt.), Which, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, must necessarily contain the following highlighted elements: Statement of the problem; Analysis of recent research and publications; Purpose of the study; Statement of the main research material; findings; literature; References.
Captions - PT Serif, 13 pt.
For a set of formulas use only the Microsoft Equation 3.0 formula editor; font PT Serif, 13 pt.; formulas in the center numbering of formulas - right-aligned default sizes;
Use Courier New (Courier) fonts for a set of program fragments;
The list of references is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the State Customs Committee (Bulletin of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 3, 2008. Pages 9-13);
References. The second list of literature in English.