Optimal control of the multi-drive system framework installation of parallel construction


  • Serhii Revenko
  • Edmond Tchoufack
  • Yurii Lebedenko




багатоприводна система, динаміка, каркасна конструкція, кінематика, оптимізація, рівняння Лагранжа


The article is devoted to solving the problem of managing complex technological equipment, which includes complex trajectories and combinations of movements of the executive body. Multifunctional production systems with parallel structure mechanisms are a progressive form of production organization that ensures efficient operation with a limited number of production personnel.
Multipurpose frame installations are versatile in the efficient solution of many industrial problems. When choosing a design or layout of such equipment, there are difficulties associated with the location of the actuators. To achieve these goals effectively, such installations must be equipped with modern computerized control systems.
In the design of frame installations, kinematic regularities are analyzed for the selected structure, namely: displacement ranges and velocity plans of moving structural elements.
The article describes the frame installation of parallel construction that designed in Kherson National Technical University. The movement and mechanics of this device are disassembled. The movement of the platform with a working tool, which is determined by the movement of individual nodes along the guide rods, which is provided by the operation of individual engines.
The mechanical submodel allows to determine the position of the center of the site, the angle of deviation of the normal from the vertical axis, as well as the relationship of the coordinates of the structure.
The limiting possibilities of movement of the working body can be estimated on the basis of the solution of the direct kinematics problem, and in order to find the ranges of change of the parameters of operation of individual actuators (limiting speeds and accelerations) it is necessary to solve the inverse kinematics problem.
Formulas for mechanics and movement of this device are given. By means of dependencies the positions of the center of the platform are determined, the angle of deviation of the normal from the vertical axis. Relations of the coordinates of the structure were also described. Dynamics equations for multi-drive systems were analyzed. A system of differential equations describing the motion of a manipulator obtained using Lagrange equations was obtained.


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