Optimal control of the belt conveyor as part of the technological process of ore mass transportation by controlling the belt tension


  • I.D. Kurganov




belt conveyor, friction pair, working sliding angle, thermal field, optimal control


Optimum control of the conveyor in the transport flow due to the change of the belt tension is proposed in order to reduce the costs of transporting goods by increasing the life of the belt and reducing energy consumption costs. It is suggested to use tape tension control to eliminate the accidental slippage of the tape on the drum and its excessive abrasion during the transportation of the ore mass. To implement the control method being developed, it is necessary to use a mathe-matical model with distributed parameters, on the basis of which an optimal control model will be formed using the control principles considered in the work. Control of this kind of objects is determined by the technological need to compen-sate for the slippage of the belt on the drive drum of the conveyor, which is based on the process of transmission of motion using friction, and is implemented by changing the thermal field on the arc of the girth by changing the tension of the conveyor belt or the speed of rotation of the drum. Thus, from the point of view of the theory of control of systems with distributed pa-rameters, in the process of controlling the thermal field of the drive drum and belt, the controlled coordinate is the temperature or its distribution on the girth arc. As a result of a change in the circumferential force on the drive drum, the pressure of the tape on the lining of the drum changes, which leads to a change in the value of the heat flow both in terms of amplitude and spatial distribution (the value of the working sliding arc changes, i.e. the area of elastic interaction), which is compensated by con-trolling the tension ribbons


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