High-speed magnetolevitatve land transport with power supply by distributed photoelectric energy system with perspective energy storage


  • V.O. Dzenzerskyi
  • S.V. Plaksin
  • L.M. Pohorila




high-speed land transport, magnetic levitation, power supply, distributed photovoltaic power system, energy storage devices, phase-metric radio navigation, high-speed con-trol system


Among the various types of high-speed land transport a magnetic levitation transport (magnetoplanes) is recognized as the most promising, so research related to the improvement of this type of transport is relevant. The work is devoted to the integra-tion of three promising research technologies: magnetolevitative transport, photoelec-tric energy conversion and phase-metric radionavigation. It is this integration, i.e. the essential interpenetration of these three subsystems, results in an overall synergistic ef-fect. Achieving the goals of sustainable development of the national economic complex within the framework of traditional transport and energy technologies is problematic, as energy consumption of transport systems exceeds one third of energy consumption, and the fastest mode of transport – an air transport is one of the leading air pollutants. Therefore, the purpose of this work is to substantiate a promising way to solve this problem by combining in a single system of renewable energy technologies and magne-tolevitative transport. The methods of system analysis and decomposition, statistical analysis of solar insolation, radiophysical experiment, computer modeling of photovol-taic energy converters, algorithmization of current control processes and forecasting the energy storage devices state are involved. The result of the research is the development of physical and technical bases for the improvement of magnetolevitative transport. Conclusion: by combining in a single system of renewable energy technologies and mag-netic levitation transport it is possible to create a system of all-weather guaranteed power supply based on solar energy and a reliable precision high-speed control system in real time.


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