Research of results of testing of students on the example of the discipline "Theory of Algorithms"

  • Anna Oleksiivna Zhurba


Within the framework of the article, an electronic tutorial was developed and programmatically implemented by the example of the Algorithm Theory discipline and studies were conducted on students' test results using the Statistica package.
Today, in the process of learning, along with traditional print publications, e-textbooks are widely used, which are used both for distance education and for independent work. Previously, the emergence of electronic manuals was much more difficult to work with textbooks, as it took much longer. To test the students, it was necessary to pass the tests, test their knowledge manually, just as it was necessary to prepare to control the students. Therefore, there was a need to develop a program that allows you to study the lecture, watch the video and pass the test along with getting an assessment, also saving time.
The purpose of this work is to develop an electronic textbook on the example of the discipline "Theory of Algorithms" and to conduct research on the results of testing students.
The developed textbook on the theory of algorithms allows students to independently master the lecture material, perform laboratory work and control the level of their knowledge with the help of testing. Studies of the results of testing students were conducted depending on the test execution time and their correctness. With the help of the Statistica software, 60 students were tested for the test results. With this software, simple descriptive statistics were calculated.


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