Program source codes conversion system


  • I. Sokol
  • O. Volkovskyi


code conversion, compiler, lexical analyzer, tokens, parser, abstract syntax tree, full parse tree, semantic analysis, finite automata


The growing volume of technologies, the end of actively used development tools support, outdated API etc., entails the need of program codes conversion. In IT companies and not only, often begged the question of deprecated software support, which customers continue to use, or translation of current software to actual technologies. It is more rational for programmers to use the conversion and save most of code base, than rewriting all software by hand, even if manual adjustment is needed. At this moment, there are few high-quality code conversion systems. Largely, conversion systems work well only with similar programming languages. The task of program codes conversion is a deep and complex topic. Programmers are trying to improve translation technologies and facing with many challenges. This article discusses the basic principles of building a system for program codes conversion and some features of its practical implementation.


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