Concept of digital voting based on the Blockchain technology


  • O. Volkovskyi
  • M. Pachevskyi
  • E. Obydennyj


blockchain, smart contract, voting system


Democratic voting is one of the most popular methods of resolving socially important issues in developed countries. The most common method of voting is the paper system. This method has certain disadvantages, including technical (falsifications, calculation errors, lack of transparency), social and economic (high cost to the budget). Electronic voting systems have not become widespread due to security issues, verification of results or incorrect operation of software [1, 2]. Blockchain technology offers new opportunities to develop completely different types of digital services due to the key features of this technology, such as transparency and security of the data transfer process. Developers have the opportunity to bring the voting system to a new information technology level that meets modern requirements. The use of smart contracts in combination with blockchain technology will help solve most of the existing problems of modern voting systems Blockchain technology is based on a transactional model. The principle of operation of blockchain technology is shown in Pic. 1. Each user has his "wallet" with unique public / private keys, which confirm any action of the user. Transactions (agreement, shipment), which are carried out by all users of the system, are stored in successive blocks. Since the hash of the data of the previous block is used when generating the next, the consistency of the data within the blockchain is ensured.


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