Simulation modeling of the system of managing the psychophysiological state of a person based on non-verbal extralinguistic characteristics


  • Bagriy Viktor
  • Voloshin Ruslan
  • Zhulkovskyi Oleg
  • Ulianovska Yuliia



simulation modeling, human operator, non-verbal extralinguistic characteristics, Wiener filter, identification scheme, adaptive filtering.


Today, when artificial intelligence systems are being created, the time of constant dia-logue between humans and computer, there is a great demand for intelligent control systems and human-machine systems. These systems are very complex and require analysis and re-search. The publication is devoted to the simulation computer modeling of control of the psy-chological and physical state of a person. The basis of the human-computer dialogue system is the speech-to-text conversion sys-tem. The use of this system is the basis for the creation of computer language control systems. Unlike systems that work on the principle of identifying a single user response to a request and a proposal or a question from a password database, it is necessary to expand the lan-guage interface of the computer. It is necessary for the computer to accept commands from the operator and execute them only if the voice and its timbre match those registered in the database. Such a system will allow you to differentiate access to the computer and ensure se-curity for the user, preserve his privacy or save his personal data. After analyzing the speech activity of the operator, it became clear that it was necessary to develop a system of command control and «speech-to-text» conversion in the fused speech stream. This task is solved by comparing the words of the commands and is part of the problem of automatic recognition and understanding of the operator's human language. On the basis of such systems, a computer language control system can be created. The analysis has shown that unlike text-dependent identification systems, systems with a dialog method implement not only a one-time operator response to a query or question from the password database, but also the extension of its full-fledged language interface. The computer receives commands from the operator and executes them only if the voice matches the one registered in the database. This analysis is effective in the context of real-life speech activity of the operator. The literature review showed that for the development of sys-tems of command control and "speech-to-text" transformation in a stream of fused speech, it is necessary to use "mechanisms" of automatic recognition and understanding of the opera-tor's language.


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