Software system of automatic identification and distributed storage of patient medical data


  • Ye.S. Sulema
  • A.I. Dychka



automatic identification, medical information systems, digital medicine, mobile applications, software, multi-color bar coding


Due to the rapid development of information technologies, informatization in the medical industry is essential. The main component of electronic health care is medical information systems designed for the accumulation, processing, analysis and transmis-sion of medical data. In the medical field, specialized software products are used to per-form diagnostic studies, process the results of laboratory tests, and make decisions at the stage of establishing a diagnosis. The use of mobile devices in medical information systems is developing. However, the degree of automation of processes in the provision of medical services and the protection of the personal and medical data of patients is still insufficient. The purpose of the research is to create a basic architecture of a software system that would simplify the process of developing software for automated input, processing, search and confidential patient access to their medical data in a medical information system based on multi-color barcoding of information using mobile devices. The architecture of the software system is proposed, in which, based on the princi-ples of distribution, anonymization, and data ownership, a patient can provide access to medical personnel to their medical data by reading a multi-color interference-resistant barcode from one smartphone (patient’s) by the camera of another smartphone (doctor’s). It is shown that in order to ensure the reliability of such transmission, it is neces-sary to use an interference-resistant barcode, which would ensure the integrity of the data in the conditions of possible distortion of the barcode image (change in lighting, scanning angle, trembling of the operator's hand, blurring or skewing of the image, etc.). The use of mobile devices for the barcode method of transmission and processing of data allows providing the protected electronic co-operating of a patient and a doctor both directly and remotely. It guarantees high reliability and confidentiality of the ex-change of data. The proposed technical solutions make it possible to improve the quality of medi-cal care and strengthen the protection of the patient's medical data.


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