Experimental modeling mechanical qualities of heatcover screens


  • A.H. Yasev




modeling, mechanical properties, heat shields, experiments


Basic physical and mechanical properties of heatcover composition material that is used for making of protective screens are experimentally investigated. For this purpose on the example of flowed plastic STEF executed (with the use of traditional charts) research at small (less than 1 m/s) and high (more than 3 m/s) rate-of-change of ladening. At small speeds of ladening durability of material was investigated at superficial deformation, tension, bend and change. At high speeds work of destruction and shock viscidity was determined. Organization and realization of experiments were done according to rules of planning experiments. All investigations were made with the using kinds of experimental equipment which had according certifications of control their quality and accuracy. Obtained results were treated by methods of mathematical statistics and researches of their dispersions. The results of experimental researches drawn on at the decision of concrete design-engineering tasks, in particular, at development of equipment and choice of the modes of crushing of composition materials during their utilization (although, undoubtedly, the obtained data have more wide value). For example, data of intruding conical elements in material were used for selecting optimal angles for working elements of equipment. Correlations between power parameters of intruding process were used for selecting power parameters of equipment for crushing of composition materials. Equipment and technology for crushing of composition materials during their utilization, which are designed on the base of these investigations, have new useful technical and technological specialties, that is why, authors obtained document of intellectual property on this object.


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