Development of a parametric model of a building of the educational institution in the OpenSCAD system


  • M. Uzlova
  • A. Zhurba
  • V. Zhuravlev
  • H. Larionov



3D modeling, solid modeling, parametric modeling, OpenSCAD, primitive shapes, 2D shapes, rendering, STL format, 3D printer, 3D model


Not so long ago, the production of master models and prototyping was a complex and difficult process, prototypes were made by hand on the basis of complex developments and drawings. Now, with the advent of 3D technology, these processes have become much simpler and much more efficient. 3D modeling plays an important role in the life of modern society. 3D graphics are widely used in marketing, architecture, design and many other areas. 3D modeling is a limitless possibility. Three-dimensional models, animation, visualization - a generalized, but far from complete list of possibilities. 3D modeling allows you to create a prototype of a future building, a commercial product in three-dimensional format, printed on a 3D printer. The use of three-dimensional models of real objects is an unusual and interesting means of transmitting information, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of the presentation. OpenSCAD software was selected to perform the work. This open 3D modeling program allows the designer to model quite complex and accurate 3D models and parametric structures that can be easily adjusted by changing the parameters, the simulation itself is based on a program written in OpenSCAD. Therefore, the topic of the work "Development of a parametric model of a building of the educational institution in the OpenSCAD system" is relevant. The purpose of this work is to develop a parametric model of the building of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology using the OpenSCAD system.


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