MACD technical indicator study and software implementation of decision function

  • Kateryna Yuriivna Ostrovska
Keywords: Python


Technical analysis is the study of the dynamics of the main market indicators by the availability of graphical methods in order to predict the future directions of their movement.
The task of technical analysis to determine the current direction of the market.
Most analysts use figures to characterize the lines of resistance, support, turn and the emergence of trends.
The dynamic indicator MACD is classified as a trend - this parameter can be used to judge the ratio between a pair of sliding average prices. The indicator is constructed taking into account the difference between two EMAs with periods of 12 and 26 days. For more accurate drawing of the best places for a deal (sale or purchase), an additional (signal) line can be plotted from the MACD-Line with nine exponential average-forks from the MACD-Line with mandatory anti-aliasing (the default setting is 9).
As a result of the work, the possibilities of using the MACD technical indicator were analyzed and the function for making decisions based on the logic of the advisor “buy or not” for the two exchanges of the Exmo and Poloniex cryptocurrencies was implemented programmatically.
The use of MACD - indicator, as well as any other indicator, can sometimes be Su-Conducted by false signals. Therefore, for more successful trading in the stock and foreign exchange markets, it is best to use the MACD indicator in conjunction with other indices, the indicators of which will confirm the correctness of the chosen item.


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