Software for processing and analysis of experimental data in researching of gas sensors


  • A. Tonkoshkur
  • A. Lozovskyi



algorithm, extended exponential function, gas sensor, kinetics, response, protection, calculation parameters


Representation of structural elements, appearance and use of software for processing experimental data on the kinetics of the response of resistive gas sensors based on the KWW stretched exponential function model algorithm. The developed software allows the use of input data in the form of text files or Excel spreadsheets, which include special applications of measuring equipment. When using applications, the application of the concept of using various software packages and environments is most effective for each task of data processing and analysis. The software allows the subsequent loading of data to measure the kinetic sensitivity of the gas sensor with the fixation of the parameters for measuring the level of its measurement (temperature sensor, partial pressure of the gas increase). The processing results can be rep-resented by the dependences of the parameters of the KWW function on the operating pa-rameter. The application provides services such as data entry using Excel spreadsheet programs; cal-culations in the mathematical package "Mathcad"; test examples of the use of computational algorithms and the transmission of reference information texts from circulation and the Inter-net.


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