• Valeriy Balakin
  • Svyatoslav Savkyn



Ключові слова:

vibration, residual stresses, mathematical model, welded joint, specific potential energy


This article discusses methods for numerical measurement of the effect of vibration frequency on the physical properties of the metal. A literature review of known studies on the effect of vibration on the physical properties of metal. According to the wave theory of vibration, by determining the natural frequency of oscillations of the plastic flow, it is possible to intensify the process of metal processing by pressure and to achieve a reduction in the magnitude of the deformation force. The mathematical model of pipe welded connection in the conditions of vibration influence taking into account the assumptions necessary for approximation of calculations is offered. Particular attention was paid to the specific potential energy of a single layer, which consists of the potential energies of interaction of individual particles. The dependences presented in the work allow to make positive conclusions about the application of mathematical modeling in order to predict the level of residual stresses in welds.


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