Оптимальне керування багатоприводною системою каркасної установки паралельної конструкції

  • С.В. Ревенко
  • Е.Р. Тоуфак
  • Ю.О. Лебеденко


This article describes and disassembles the frame installation of parallel construction. Formulas for mechanics and movement of this device are given. By means of dependencies the positions of the center of the platform are determined, the angle of deviation of the normal from the vertical axis. Relations of the coordinates of the structure were also described. Dynamics equations for multi-drive systems were analyzed. A system of differential equations describing the motion of a manipulator obtained using Lagrange equations was obtained. The presented methods allow to optimize the work of multi-drive installation, to increase the speed and to minimize the dynamic errors in the development of software movements.


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