• Dmitry Kononov
  • Broni Pinto Jose


A parametric three-dimensional model of the ball spindle was developed, which made it possible to simulate the positions of the head, balls and cage depending on the skew angles of the axes of the head and cage, the angles of rotation of the head relative to its axis.
Using the finite element method, the stress-strain state of the ball spindle is calculated at its various positions.
The dependences of the maximum equivalent stresses in the ball spindle (in the spindle body) and on the surfaces in the elements of the ball spindle are obtained. With a maximum (according to the passport) torque of 12,000 Nm, the maximum stresses reach values: equivalent - a head of 484.3 MPa, a clip of 423.7 MPa;
contact - 646 MPa.
The work of the ball spindle is simulated with load distribution only between two balls. A graph of the load capacity of the ball spindle with two balls and an angle of distortion of 2.
With the existing design of the grooves in the head and holder, when skewed, a force arises that pushes the ball out of the hinge. In this case, the loading of the ball increases, since a zone of point contact appears and large stresses appear at this point.


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