Статистичні підходи до прогнозування стійкості стійкості футеровки конвертера

  • Т.А. Желдак


The section of the system analysis of the object of the study describes the technology of converter steel production and the influence on the lining of the converter of technical and technological factors. A systematic analysis of the converter steel production process has been carried out and the task of the study has been described.
The information-analytical section describes the rules for data processing and the methods used to predict the dependent variable in the subject matter under consideration. In a special section, the analysis of the obtained statistical data was carried out and the mathematical models of the dependence of the stability of the converter lining on the known technical and technological factors were constructed. The practical value of the work consists in the fact that the developed number of models will allow to predict the stability of the converter lining depending on the selected technical and technological factors of influence.


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