Modeling of the influence of tape inclusion on the stress-strained state of spherical shell with an elliptic hole


  • Vadym Hudramovych
  • Eteri Hart
  • Oleh Marchenko



spherical shell, elliptical hole, tape inclusions, internal pressure, stress-strain state, stress concentration coefficient, finite element method


Shell structures have been widely used as carrying structures in many branches of industries. These types of structures combine high strength with small weight, therefore, to ensure the save operation of the structures, it is important for evaluation the strength and reliability. In most cases, shells used in real designs and have simple geometric shapes of surfaces (shells of rotation). Complex designs are usually a combination of these shell shapes. Investigation of the influence of local concentrators in view of holes for shells on the stress-strained state of the shells and methods of reducing the stress concentration in thin-walled shells of rotation is an urgent task of mechanics of a deformable solids. In this work a computer simulation of the behavior of a thin-walled spherical shell with an elliptical hole and tape inclusion is made. The finite element analysis of the influence of geometric and mechanical parameters for supporting elements of the hole, modeled by inclusions of material other than its shell material is carried out. We will note importance of such researches for design and optimization of construction for a number of industries, in particular, rocket-space technique.


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