Про можливість виробництва стрижневого арматурного прокату періодичного профілю з високовуглецевих сталей

  • E Parusov


Established impact of the parameters of the deformation-thermal mode and post-deformation cooling of the tackles on the energy-power parameters and production capability of rebar of the periodic profile № 10…20 of strength class A800 and A1000 (DSTU 3760:2019) from steel with a carbon content of 0.55-0.88 %. The simulation of the technological process of production was carried out using the model for calculating continuous section rolling and the author's computer program «TermoLab», which is adapted to the industrial working conditions of the small-section wire mill 320/150. The conducted studies have shown that the production of rebar of periodic profiles № 10-20 of the strength classes A800 and A1000 from steels containing 0.55-0.88 % C is quite possible at the existing park of technological equipment of the majority of metallurgical enterprises.


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