Взаимосвязь окисленности металла на различных этапах производства стали в кислородно-конвертерном цехе

  • L Molchanov


The article summarizes the results of a study of the oxygen activity in liquid metal at various stages of steel production of 3PS grade in top blowing BOF. In the course of studies, the oxygen activity in liquid steel was controlled before tapping, in a teeming ladle and in a mold. A correlation analysis of the experimental data made it possible to determine a relationship between the oxygen activity in steel before tapping and in the mold. Regression analysis of the data obtained allowed us to compose the equation of the relationship between the oxygen activity in steel in BOF and directly in the mold for the steel production of 3PS grade. The resulting equation is characterized by sufficient accuracy for industrial applications (the average deviation of the predicted indicators from the actual is 9.6%).


1. Vliyanie legiruyuschih elementov na soderzhanie kisloroda v stali / B.M. Boychenko, L.S. Molchanov, Y.V. Synehin, K.G. Nizyaev, A.N. Stoyanov // Suchasni problemy metalurgiyi. – 2015. – No. 18. – P. 9-13. (in Russian).