Inclusive approach to ensuring the liability of work of multistand mill

  • Andrii Baglai
  • Mykhailo Kipin


The increase in production, the expansion of the product range and the improvement of its quality leads to an increase in quiescent and dynamical loads, a decrease of the durability and an increase of a number of rolling equipment breakdowns of fatigue nature. An integrated approach to the organisation of measurements and analysis of vibrational signals allowed to develop an expert system of vibration-based diagnostics "Korund", that provides a constant monitoring of the technical condition of the stands. Original measurement and analysis algorithms that take into account an information on the current technical condition, technical process cycles and loading characteristics of rolling equipment are employed in the system. The diagnostic module allows to determine the type of defect, the degree of its development and to calculate the working life of the machine components. Moreover, the diagnostic is performed both in the metal rolling process and in the idle state. The additional functionality allows to record the delay time of signals on the pinion-type, geared, motored sections and to evaluate the wear factor of the mechanism components. The method of safety monitoring informs employees about the occurrence of incidents at the rolling stands of the mill on a real-time basis. The software has an open architecture, is easily configured for a specific production task and can be integrated with SQL and Oracle databases.


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