Thermodynamical analysis of technological operation of parallel and silicon removing from the cast iron


  • L. Molchanov
  • M. Pushkarenko
  • V. Kislyakov



thermodynamic analysis, complex refining, liquid cast-iron, parallel chemical transformation, removing of sulphur and silicon, lime, deoxidizer


In the modern conditions of existence of metallurgical industry enterprises there is a problem.It is a problem of the lack of charging materials quality, that causes the necessity of innovative processes development.It means the processes of metallurgical alloys out-of-furnace treatment, that includes complex removing of sulphur and silicon simultaneously. The aim of this research is identification of rational technical scheme. In means the scheme of realizing of technological processes. These are the processes of the parallel removing sulphur and silicon from cast-iron in manufacture conditions. Taking into account different physical and chemical nature of processes of removing sulphur and silicon on condition of their simultaneous occuring within the limits of one metallurgical system (one iron-pouring ladle) they must be maximally delimited in space. With the aim of the priority examination of certain chemical transformations based on the methods of thermodynamics analysis were used. As an index that determines the order of occuring of certain chemical transformations it was select the constant of equilibrium. It is set by a thermodynamics analysis, that oxidization of silicon maybe at insufflation of gaseous oxygen. In addition as reducing agent during removing sulphur with a lime it is rationally to use a manganese, because it does not influence on the processes of the oxidized silicon formation. Manganese adding to fusion should be organized in parallel with operation realizing of sulphur removing. It is necessary in order to avoid the maganese overrun during the oxidation of cast-iron admixtures by gaseous oxygen.


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